The 10 Best Private Hospitals in Belgrade, Serbia

Serbia is a small country, but it is big enough to produce top medical experts. Because of the low wages in the state, doctors are increasingly applying for private practice. However, services in private hospitals in Serbia are cheaper than in Europe or the United States. As medical students in this country, we recommend below mentioned private clinics in Serbia.

10 Bel Medic

Bel Medic Belgrade, Serbia

As early as 1995. spouses dr Jasmina Knežević, pediatrician – pulmonologist and Milan Knežević – movie director, have founded the first private hospital in Serbia – Bel Medic. In the beginning, their ordination has been stationed at rented mutual space and had only tree members.

Bel Medic grew from the small clinic to the first private hospital in Serbia, accredited to the highest European quality standard (ISQua) and which in the luxuriously equipped space on over 3000 m2 has the most modern medical equipment and complete hospital system. For 23 years of existance, over 300,000 pations have handled us their trust.

24 h a day, 7 days in a week, about 4400 permanent employees and nearly 400 eminent doctors, top experts in all medical specialties are dedicated to the treatment of children and adults. Patients are always in the first place and we are trying to be where we need them most.

At Bel Medic, we suport evidence-based medicine, every day improvementing and developing, in order to provide you with the best health care. Many awards testify to our success which we have achived with your help and which have made us proud. This is also shown with recorded continuos growth of 20%.

On 5 locations, connected by a unique call center and an integrated computer network, Bel Medic provides reputable and quality medical services – check ups, the most advances diagnostics, hirurgy treatmens (operations), hospital treatment in luxurious apartments, dental services, sistematic check ups, laboratory services, home visits and patient transportation 24 h a day, as well as many other medical services. The Bel Medic is the only hospital that has a restourant – Bel Food, where you will enjoy the top tastes of our chef.

For 23 years we are following our visions to:

  • Become a leaders of privat healthcare in region
  • To raise the level of our health care and medical system in Serbia
  • To create an institution better than its individuals
  • To support private initiative and actively participate in creating a better business environment
  • To operate at the highest level of social responsibility

Our team consists of more than 600 doctors from all fields of medicine. Many of them are university professors, eminent experts with many years of experience known and recognized beyond the borders of Serbia. We can boast that some of our doctors are the pioneers of the latest treatment methods.

Bel Medic Clinic in Serbia

Visit Bel Medic Website

9 The General Hospital MEDIGROUP

The General Hospital MEDIGROUP

On 3th December 2013. the General Hospital MEDIGROUP was opened in the presence of great number of guests, professionals, partners and media representatives.

The hospital was ceremonially opened by Prof dr Aleksandar Ljubic, Medical Director of the General Hospital MEDIGROUP and dr Lajos Fabian, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Establishment of the General Hospital MEDIGROUP represents a result of two-year work of medical and financial experts, motivated by desire to offer, in the field of private health care in Serbia, a well organized, comprehensive medical service of the highest quality. What was recently available only in highly developed societies is also at the disposal of our citizens by creation of MEDIGROUP platform. This is the best equipped general hospital in the region, which will offer, in most comfortable environment, precise diagnostics and optimal treatment by more then 100 top specialists, with maximal security and care for its patients.

The General Hospital MEDIGROUP is situated in modern, newly built facility, comprising maternity ward which already boasts its first newly born babies. First newly born citizen of New Belgrade this year drew its first breath in the General Hospital MEDIGROUP.

MEDIGROUP, with its members: HC Dr. Ristic, HC Jedro and Special Gynecological hospital Jevremova with maternity ward, already offers affordable full health care in different points in Belgrade and cares for hundreds of thousands of patients. By forming MEDIGROUP as the biggest privately owned platform in the field of health care in Serbia, a totally new quality is being offered.

MEDIGROUP is privately owned platform of health care in Serbia, whose mission is total dedication to patients, offering multidisciplinary health care of the highest quality, with most modern equipment and medical procedures, with patient in focus as the first and the only priority.

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8 University Children’s Hospital Tirsova

University Children’s Hospital Tirsova

University Children’s Hospital is a representative pediatric health center in Serbia and wider. For more then 85 years so far, we have been dedicated in providing top quality care for children.

The hospital includes: Pediatric center, Pediatric surgery center, Diagnostic center, Laboratory center, Clinical pharmacy, as well as Administrative center. We are also proud to present the Center for treating adults with congenital heart defects, which started working in 2008. We are specialized in all fields of diagnostics and conservative treating, surgery and anesthesiology, rehabilitation, psychology.

The present hospital facilities include 292 beds. According to 2010. data, 78.7% of all employees are medical stuff, including 125 medical doctors.

Over 14.500 children per year are being treated at the University Children’s Hospital on an inpatient basis. Approximately 9.300 surgeries (100 laparoscopic) are performed each year, five transplantation surgeries, 260 heart catheterizations, as well as 51.000 radiological procedures. Over 164.000 exams and 415.000 interventions per year are done on an outpatient basis.

Our hospital is the leading institution of Belgrade University of Medicine for pediatric medicine in general, representing educational, scientific and research center. In our medical team there are 40 University lecturers, including 14 Professors of University of Belgrade.

We hope to keep improving our skills, as well as providing modern medical services in order to preserve our children’s health.

Visit University Children’s Hospital Tirsova Website

7 Milos Clinic

"Miloš" Clinic - Special Hospital for Ophthalmology

“Miloš” Clinic – Special Hospital for Ophthalmology has existed in Belgrade since 1999, and it is now situated at two locations – in Vračar and in 25 Radoslava Grujića Street, along with the Centre for Refractive Surgery in the new building in Voždovac, 189 Bulevar Oslobođenja. Inside more than 1,700 m2 of specially designed and constructed hospital space there are modernly equipped doctor’s offices, cabinets and operating rooms, which due to their latest technology and contemporary work concept enable “Miloš” Clinic to be on a par with well-known international institutions with its doctrine and results. The quality of our services is witnessed by thousands of satisfied patients, who are the best and only advertisement for “Miloš” Clinic.

“Miloš” Clinic is organised as the Special Hospital for Ophthalmology and Centre for Refractive Surgery – with the total of seven fully equipped ophthalmology doctor’s offices, functional diagnostics cabinet, ultrasound and laser treatment cabinets, 3 operating rooms and a daily hospital. We put a particular emphasis on the femtolaser – AMO iFS, and also the excimer laser Allegretto Wavelight.

The basic concept of the hospital is professionalism and efficiency, based on contemporary medical doctrine, permanently employed professional staff and state of the art medical equipment.

We strive to maintain an integrated treatment, education and research, and permanent introduction of the latest diagnostic and treatment procedures, with the procurement of equipment, training of employees and improvement of the work organisation, in accordance with modern medical standards which are part of the clinical practice in developed countries.

“Miloš” Clinic is included in a healthcare network (GMC Healthcare Network and Vanbreda International Insurance) and has concluded agreements on the provision of medical services with some foreign insurance funds.

The management of “Miloš” Clinic invests considerable funds and time in education, convinced that it is in the best interest of our patients. In our daily operations we observe diagnostic and treatment protocols of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Training and professional development courses led by renowned international experts in particular fields are therefore periodically organised at “Miloš” Clinic.

Throughout my career, first at the Clinical and Hospital Centre “Zvezdara” and then at “Miloš” Clinic, I have always been governed by the desire to act in the best interest of my patients. Under the conditions we have created at “Miloš” Clinic and due to our first-rate experts and state-of-the-art equipment, we have a chance to achieve that. We have succeeded exclusively and solely due to our own efforts.

I have always been an opponent of healthcare commercialisation, convinced that the greatest success is achieved by advocating for the best treatment results with the lowest risk and through the application of uniform standards and doctrine. This leads to the complementarity in the activities of the public and private health care sectors and smooth transition from one system to another for the purpose of improving the treatment quality.

I am certain that this is the only way to earn and justify continuous respect and trust of patients and colleagues.

Our professional staff is very experienced and highly specialised in the job they perform, both in academic (specialists – ophthalmologists, most of whom have a PhD degree in medical sciences) and practical terms, due to continuous and repeated training in international ophthalmology centres and the cooperation with visiting colleagues from Europe.

Prof. Zoran Kuljača, MD, PhD

Visit website: Milos Clinic

6 Special Hospital SVETI VID

Special Hospital SVETI VID

The hospital is situated in the very center of Belgrade, in Dobracina Street No. 27, near Republic Square and the National Theatre. It covers an area of 800 m2 with a few consulting and waiting rooms, numerous diagnostic cabinets for basic and accompanying diagnostics, a cardiology department, an operation block, a laser center, an in-patient department for comfortable accommodation after general anesthesia, an optic shop with fashionable sun and corrective glasses, contact lenses, low vision center unique in this area with a large choice of devices for magnification, as help for patients with the damaged macula and optic nerve.

Special Hospital SVETI VID was founded in 1997, starting a new epoch of Serbian ophthalmology. The idea was to improve Serbian ophthalmology and to overcome the emptiness that for decades was dominant in the Serbian ophthalmology circles. By opening the possibilities for new and appropriate and useful solutions, and not “Surgery for the sake of surgery only”, Sveti Vid has become an institution and a synonym for the highest quality and up-to-date ophthalmology.

Thus, instead of looking for good treatments abroad, the modern high-rate ophthalmology has become the reality in the heart of Belgrade – from the very first moment of the hospital foundation.

Special Hospital SVETI VID has been introducing the most recent, high-quality technology and the leading surgical and diagnostic methods for the treatment of eye problems. Thus, the new, modern views and standards for treating the ophthalmic problems are imposed on Serbian ophthalmology, with much better effects on preserving vision. Therefore, the new guidelines for the development of Serbian ophthalmology have been set. Here, in a small piece of Europe, in the heart of Belgrade, there is now a hope for the long streams of young ophthalmologists to see the potentials of contemporary eye surgery today, which is not only a picture from a foreign textbook but real surgery, in order to abandon the burden of the inherited, outdated views.

In several first class equipped consulting rooms, our pleasant staff will welcome you and recommend the best solution to your problem. A comprehensive ophthalmic examination involves an access to all the structures of the eye, both the anterior and the posterior segment, in order to view the problem entirely.

The special cabinets:

– Ultrasound diagnostic cabinet – for discovering changes of deeper eye structures, in the vitreous body, retina, and orbit (bleedings, retinal detachment, tumor changes, etc.), especially in the conditions of non-transparency of the anterior media, such as cataracts, or bleeding in the anterior chamber, which prevents good viewing into the posterior structures.

– Pachymetry and the computerized corneal topography cabinet (wavefront imaging) – This is a contemporary diagnostic approach for defining corneal problems: the thickness of the cornea, an early discovery of keratoconus or other degenerative corneal disorders, and corneal and refractive anomalies, and changes caused by contact lenses wear, as well. Such an examination is a demand prior to the refractive procedure.

– Cabinet for early glaucoma detection – – the first asymptomatic changes in the nerve fiber layers – OCT.

– Computerized visual field cabinet, with special tests for examining the function of the optic nerve or the macula – the yellow spot.

– Fundus camera – for recording the fundus blood vessels with contrast applied intravenously. This is an inviolable procedure for defining fundal diabetic changes which are to be treated by laser photocoagulation, as well as macular changes (yellow spot), before photodynamic therapy is applied (PDT). The fundus camera also helps in recording changes on the papilla of the optic nerve in order to monitor and control the glaucoma changes objectively, and evaluate the effects of the applied therapy.

– Laser cabinet:– laser photocoagulation treatment of diabetic changes on the fundus, – Yag- laser capsulotomy (laser opening of the fibrous posterior lens capsule).

– Laser iridotomy in treating certain forms of glaucoma

– Laser iridotomy for particular types of glaucoma. Pediatric ophthalmology: Scleroplasty, strabismus surgery, refractive laser and lens implant surgeries in certain indications in children, lacrimal duct problems, ptosis, etc…

Modern optics gives the exceptional precision of processing the finest corrective glasses. Modern lines, attractive dioptric, and sunglasses: Vogue, Valentino, Escada, Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Vivien Westwood, Simpsons, Seventeen… The contact lens cabinet offers good quality contact lenses, colored ones as well.

Equipped with the new generation of devices for low vision improvement, magnifying glasses, telescopic systems, both mobile and for home use, of different degrees of magnification, devoted to those to whom reading and space orientation is troublesome because their macula or optic nerve is damaged. Presentation and demonstration, as well as teaching people to use the rest of their vision, are organized in the place of Optic. There is a place and time for choosing the most appropriate option individually. This is great help especially for schoolchildren with impaired vision.


SVETI VID is changing and updating the old and surpassed views deeply rooted in Serbian ophthalmology. It has introduced contemporary surgical methods which have become official in the world’s ophthalmology today, against the back warded ways closely around the Special Hospital SVETI VID. This has influenced the domestic ophthalmic field positively and it is of great importance for changing the old attitudes around the country. This contribution to Serbian ophthalmology is present in the field of the cataract (phacoemulsification, equalize) and glaucoma treatment, refractive surgery (the Excimer laser, many sorts of implantable lenses including multifocal implants), vitreoretinal surgery.

Furthermore, Photodynamic therapy (PDT) with Visudyne for some forms of choroid neovascularization has made a special impact on changing the view of macular disorders. Amazing reconstructive procedures for repairing inadequate treatment previously performed in anterior segment surgery, as well as secondary lens implantation, glaucoma surgery, strabismus surgery, etc, are only a slight survey of the large program of SVETI VID. The Sveti Vid is one of only a few centers in the world where superior surgery of the ‘artificial cornea’ implantation is performed on patients following a trauma when transplantation is inadequate due to the danger of the corneal tissue rejection (among the first 250 operations in the world). The special hospital SVETI VID, from the very beginning of its work, has made efforts to educate the population, as well as doctors and patients, believing that by changing the attitudes, the development of terminal conditions could be prevented.

Consequently, the incidents of needlessly developed blindness in the Serbian population would be reduced.

Visit website: Special Hospital SVETI VID

5 Health Centre “Jedro”

Health Centre Jedro

Health Centre “Jedro” is a modern and well-organized medical institution that provides quality healthcare for children and adults.

An expert team and maximum commitment to patients are the key qualities in the health care services offered by Health Centre “Jedro”.

With a surface area of 1,500 square meters and 17 modernly equipped doctor’s offices, the Centre employs 30 full-time physicians, and patients can also use medical services in the field and transportation services in the country and abroad.

Health Centre “Jedro” comprises departments of general and internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, urology, otorhinolaryngology, dermatovenerology, neurology and psychiatry, physical medicine, and rehabilitation. There are also specialist cabinets for cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, hematology, rheumatology, and laboratory diagnostics.

Health Centre “Jedro”, in addition to the above services, is also characterized by the continuous creation of dedicated medical services for the needs of today’s managers with long working hours, professional and amateur athletes of different age groups, women with delicate jobs, and many other people in need of additional commitment and approach that will meet their needs and improve their health condition regardless of their exposure to efforts.

These programs combine in a holistic manner the contemporary classic medical services and needs with holistic treatments administered dynamically, at inappropriate time intervals.

Health Centre “Jedro” also proves its specialty by a large number of foreign citizens and visitors who regularly use our services. Due to the constant following of trends in primary health care services, we insist on diversity and adapting to all users.

As a member of the Medigroup platform, Health Centre “Jedro” constantly cooperates with Medigroup General Hospital and its polyclinic, where it refers patients who are indicated as having such needs.

A particular specialty of Health Centre “Jedro”, which we are proud of, is the continuous cooperation and its development with all domestic and foreign companies of all sizes and needs, for which we provide various services for the needs of their employees. Our reference list which expands on a daily basis shows how many companies having very high standards cooperate and continuously improve their cooperation with us.

We put a particular emphasis on our Paediatrics Department which provides professional monitoring and medical treatment of children and adolescents with usual or complex medical issues.
Our physicians are always at your service, and for any additional information and scheduling of appointments please call our Call Centre 011/7150 715 or visit Health Centre “Jedro”.

***Health Centre “Jedro” was established in 2010 and after 3 years of its growth and development, the Centre signed an Agreement on Acquisition by MEDIGROUP, the first private health platform in Serbia.

Visit website: Health Centre “Jedro”

4 Special Gynaecology Hospital “Jevremova”

Special Gynaecology Hospital Jevremova

“Jevremova” is a family clinic fully dedicated to families. In 1990 some of the most eminent doctors, specialists in different fields, decided to unite expertise, vision, initiative, and above all friendship and create “Jevremova” And how right they were! We look at “Jevremova” today, after 25 years of existence and more than 10 000 examinations a year! The crown of our efforts and success are more than 4500 children born from in vitro fertilization performed under our own roof.

Since the foundation of our clinic, we have changed locations but we have never changed our ideals. For a quarter of a century, we have carefully followed new developments in world medicine, participated in scientific work and research, have grown, developed, and taken care of our patient’s health.
We are especially dedicated to treating infertility, and our center for reproductive medicine performs complete and thorough examinations, tests, and infertility treatments using cutting-edge methods for in vitro fertilization and innovative techniques in assisted reproduction. Additionally, we have created a unique approach for fighting sterility by combining the most advanced methods used in infertility treatment with a holistic treatment based on oriental medicine methods: Reiki technique, quantum medicine, and homeopathy- thus becoming an exclusive center of this kind not only in Serbia, but in the whole region.

Today it is not enough to passively observe, we need to take action and have an active part in medical developments and treatments. With this objective, our whole team is constantly involved in scientific and research projects and actively contributes to enhancements and progress in our medical field.

Besides infertility, you can consult our experts regarding gynecology, pregnancy and hereditary genetic testing. Additionally, we are here for all your questions concerning diagnostics, operative treatments with minimally invasive techniques for all changes in the small pelvis, as well as laser surgery for gynecological problems.

The crown of our never-ending desire for progress and development was the opening of our own Delivery ward. The first storks landed in “Jevremova” on May 21st, 2011, when little Nikola was born by a cesarean. He weighed 3780 grams and was 52 centimeters long. Such wonderful events are the best award for our work and a constant drive for further improvement in all fields.

To assure the quality of care that we deliver to our patients we have obtained an ISO 9001:2008 certificate in July of 2010, thus becoming the first gynecological hospital in Serbia with a certificate for gynecology and delivery, delivery ward with neonatal care, and infertility treatments and in vitro fertilization.
We were granted the certificate of quality and expertise by the Agency for Accreditation of Health care Institutions of Serbia in November 2015. To us, this certificate represents yet another indicator that our core principle is still a continuous improvement of the quality of all medical services we deliver, and the strongest motive to always be better for the well-being of our patients.

We have turned to progress in every aspect of our work, treatment, and education. Progress doesn’t always mean more, but better. By reaching the “better” we open horizons for new ideas, opportunities, and actions. We become socially responsible towards our patients, our partners, our work environment, the local community, and the environment itself.

We are one big family, a team of experts working on keeping people healthy, helping create a new life, and ensuring its safe delivery into this world.

Visit website: Special Gynaecology Hospital “Jevremova”

3 Dr Popovic Dental Clinic

Dr Popovic Dental Clinic

Welcome to Dr Popovic Dental Clinic, a dental practice with over 30 years of providing smiles to all generations!

As one of the first private dental practices in Serbia, we offer a wide array of dental services, with a main focus on oral surgery and implantology, regeneration procedures of soft and hard tissues, periodontology, and prosthodontics.
Our practice is equipped with up-to-date advanced technology, such as the soft tissue laser, CAD/CAM set up, apex locator, digital intraoral camera, and many others. This is just one of the advantages that set us apart from the competition.

In our three decades of providing top-quality dental services, we have successfully served thousands of satisfied clients, not only from Serbia but from all over the world. Dr Dragoslav Popovic, the founder of our practice with over 35 years of experience, wanted to build a family oriented clinic for patients of all ages which he has successfully accomplished. His vision was shared and perfected by his son, Magistar of Science, and a Specialist in Oral Surgery and Implantology, Dr Nemanja Popovic who is succesfuly running the Clinic for the past 10 years. At the same time, Dr Nemanja is perfecting his expertise by continuous education in the country and abroad.

Next to our clients from Serbia, more and more clients from all of the world are using our dental services. The increase of their numbers is easily explained with Belgrade being a popular tourist destination and when you combine that with top-quality dental services that we provide at lowest prices available, you get a winning combination! Many satisfied clients can agree with this since many of them are comming to Belgrade even after the treatment.

We are proud to state that our Clinic and staff are one of the only in this field that can offer a complete package of services to our clients, not only dental services but also all the services that one might need in all aspects of dental tourism susch as: arrival organization, accomodation, activities in Belgrade and the region, translator services when required, etc.
We invite everyone to enjoy all the qualities of our services and become a part of our family tradition!

Visit website: Dr Popovic Dental Clinic

2 Dental Studio Doro

Dental Studio Doro

What’s special about us?

High-quality materials and cutting-edge technology
Our methods of examination and treatment are closely tuned to today’s rapid technological developments. With materials from reputable global manufacturers, we can offer rapid, effective, and painless solutions.

The best advice and a completely individual approach
We always advise the best available treatment for any given condition. We take your wishes and means into account. We agree on the best solution for the patient through open communication.

Our professional team
The dentists in our surgery are experts in a range of specialties. They are communicative and friendly, completely dedicated to each patient. They complement each other to always react in time to every situation.

Visit website: Dental Studio Doro

1 InterTim

InterTim - Internal Medicine

Polyclinic InterTim was founded in January 2004.

The basic idea was to provide a complete service in the domain of internal medicine in one place through the close cooperation of the selected team of physicians of internal medicine specialists of different subspecialties. This was the reason why the clinic was initially introduced as an internist practice.

In the later stages, in accordance with the requirements of everyday practice, the clinic grew into a clinic and enriched its work with services in the field of urology and gynecology.

Our vision is that with a selected team of experts of various specialties and dedicated, caring nurses through teamwork and top organization we provide the highest quality health care and necessary care in overcoming the health problems of our patients. Through teamwork, we also strive to provide a holistic approach to the perception of the health problems of each patient, considering that this is one of the most important prerequisites for setting up a correct diagnosis and adequate therapy.

Visit website: InterTim