How can I embed the code of the .py file into the website?

To embed code from a .py file on a website, you first need to ensure that the code is properly formatted for display on a webpage. Here are some steps to follow:

Choose a code embedding method: You can either embed the code directly on your webpage or use a third-party service to embed the code. Some popular code embedding services include GitHub Gist and Pastebin.

Format the code: To format your code, you can use a code formatter such as Prettier, Black, or YAPF. This will ensure that the code is properly indented and easy to read.

Choose a syntax highlighting library: To make your code more readable, you can use a syntax highlighting library such as Prism.js or Highlight.js. These libraries will highlight different parts of your code in different colors, making it easier to read.

Embed the code: To embed the code on your webpage, you can either use an iframe or copy and paste the code directly into your webpage. If using an iframe, you’ll need to adjust the size of the frame to fit your code.

Here’s an example of how to embed a .py file using GitHub Gist:

Upload your .py file to GitHub Gist.
Click on “Embed” and choose your preferred options.
Copy the generated code and paste it into your webpage.
That’s it! Your .py file should now be properly embedded on your website.