How to show directory content in the terminal of Linux?

To show the contents of a directory in the Linux terminal, you can use the ls command, which stands for “list”:


This will display a list of all the files and directories in the current directory.

You can also specify a directory path as an argument to ls to display the contents of a specific directory:

ls /path/to/directory

Additionally, you can use various options with the ls command to modify its behavior. For example, to display file sizes and permissions in a long format, use the -l option:

ls -l

To display all files, including hidden files (which start with a dot (for example .htaccess file)), use the -a option:

ls -a

To sort the files by modification time (newest first), use the -t option:

ls -t

There are many other options available for the ls command, which you can explore by typing man ls in the terminal to access the manual page.

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